L'intervento presentato al 6° International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences & Arts, SGEM 2019, Vienna 11-14 April, Sessione tematica su "Architecture and Design", si è focalizzato sull'importanza dei contenuti sociali nel processo progettuale.

Starting from the words of Ludovico Quaroni (as architect and educator), the paper aims to highlight the importance of social content for the purpose of good planning and architecture. With reference to the Vitruvian triad - utilitas, firmitas, venustas – Quaroni insists on the necessary integration of the three components, clearly stressing how, in the education process, it is fundamental to start from the social question - what he defines as "content" or "structure of the contents" of the design – and not from abstract reasons that ignore the real conditioning to which an architectural work must respond.

We share the statement of Quaroni: specially today in which the design process increasingly emergs from below, the content-social question appears fundamental, in the participation and (sometimes) co-creating of the communities involved.

Keywords:social content, community, commons, convivium, design education

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